The dream

I’m a spontaneous kinda gal when it comes to writing and expressing my feelings. I really struggle with blog planning and find I lack sincerity, when not writing from a place of passion. This isn’t to say that other blogs are like this, but mine most definitely feels real when written on a whim. However […]

Chronic illness is a problem shared

My very, non-sick, grounded, level headed fiancé who doesn’t really do excitement or an over-balance of any emotion, was diagnosed with depression just over a year ago. The happy-go-lucky guy I knew, had become grumpy, tired, lazy and totally void of motivation. It took a year for him to see a GP and in that […]


It’s ok to not be ok, right?  Well I’m going to fill you in on the past few months. Please note I will be seeking counselling, to discuss the issues surrounding my Mothers drinking & other aspects of my past. For now I am happy to share my present with you, as I’ve always tried […]

The fatigue demon

Tired, exhausted, shattered, fatigued, drained, sleepy, drowsy, weary, worn out, sapped, spent, pooped…knackered! These are just a selection of words describing the feeling we all experience, when we have reached our energy limit and need to rest. However, none of these words aptly describe chronic fatigue or the feeling of doing absolutely nothing, yet not […]

Stoma product cuts – brief overview

The common topic at the moment is CCG cuts (still) and the lack of support for hernia prevention over cure. I have at least 60% of members in my local support group with a hernia and a new member came today just to discuss this. It saddens me that financial ties are preventing key care […]