Body Check from Coloplast – Stoma in a Teacup review

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed here are my own. I was not sponsored or endorsed to do this review.

Today I’ve finally found a moment to review both an online facility for ostomates AND a product…hurrah I hear you shout! I shall be writing some more reviews later this week.

Firstly I want to discuss the Body Check from Coloplast. Here is the link.
It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Coloplast. I use a range of their Brava accessories (barrier spray, powder and protective seals) and find the company to be not only forward thinking with their products, but an incredibly well structured and positive company. They are both helpful and supportive of their customers but they encourage and want the best for their staff too. This is equally important to me as a customer, because the ‘bag business’ can appear very competitive at times. 

​Now back to the Body Check! I think it’s a really simple process, created to help those who are unsure of the best bag for them and also those who either dislike or don’t have regular contact with a stoma nurse.

*I would however advise that you always discuss your options with an SCN*

Body Check, helps to log the varying physical areas that contribute to your product needs and choices. I found the facility easy to navigate and pretty self explanatory. The Coloplast website states, that if you ‘Take just 5 minutes to complete the Body Check, we’ll give you some guidance on ostomy appliances that may be better suited to your individual body shape’ and that’s basically what it does!

I went through the process twice, to see the variation of questions and results and think it’s a handy little tool. My only advice is if you have an ileostomy and have quite thick output, still choose ‘liquid’ in the options. This will ensure that drainable bag choices come up. It uses the ‘thick output’ option to determine if you have a colostomy or use closed bags. Maybe another or additional question such as, ‘what kind of ostomy do you have’ would have been clearer. 

That aside, I think it’s worth giving it a try just to see if you’d benefit from any of Coloplast’s products. It’s  clear to see that Coloplast have taken every aspect of bag wear into consideration, when creating and producing their innovative designs. I just wish I could wear the Sensura Mio myself but my skin came up in a rash. I adore the bag design itself and I don’t doubt the research team are ironing out any minor problems as I type!

Here are screenshots of my 1st attempt on the Body Check. You can see my choices in the last screenshot and the advice given. Once completed, you can save or print your profile and opt for samples to be sent to you.

Now go give it a try yourself and if you have any questions, you can also contact the CP team via email, webchat or phone. They also offer Coloplast care as a means of regular communication via email. Through here, you can log how you are feeling and managing your ostomy monthly. If anyone is interested, I will review this also.

Details for both Body Check and Coloplast Care can be found on their website and Facebook page.

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